At Megapaintball you will receive a free memebership all year long. Also, you can rent all the equipment you need at a very affordable cost. There are three different fields that you can play on. You can play in the junkyard where there are bunkers, foxholes and mazes or in the woods where there are bunkers and the wilderness, or in the Haunted Hoochie where you can hide in the buildings, run across bridges and hide in the towers. Open play at Fran Bar Park is every Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 5PM. You can also reserve for a private group if you would like. So come on out and experience the extreme rush of paintball at Fran Bar Park.
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Open with RESERVATIONS ONLY during the winter.

13861 E. Broad St.
Pataskala, OH 43062
(740) 927-3568