FRAN BAR PARK                                                        OFFICIAL RULES
13861 E. Broad St.
Pataskala, OH 43062
(740) 927-3568

Read & initial every line before signing

1. Barrel plugs are to remain in barrel of gun & safety must be on at all times when you are off the paintball field._____

2. Never aim gun at person's head at any time._____

3. Never walk on field without googles on._____

4. Never, for any reason, take goggles off while on the field._____

5. Never shoot a player under 20 feet away._____ Call out "You're a Dead Man" instead of shooting under 20 feet._____

6. If you shoot someone under 20 feet away, you are out ______

7. When you get hit, call out "I'm Dead", put your barrel plug in, saftey on, raise gun above head, and walk off the field._____

8. All guns must be chronographed under 280 fps., before being allowed in the game._____

9. Report any dangers on field to supervisor so it can be resolved before the next game begins._____

10. Padding of genital area is advised._____

11. Do not shoot any campers, port-a-johns, shelter houses, stages, or anything in or around them._____

12. Do not shoot any vehicles, signs, light bulbs, or light fixtures _____

13. We do not allow smoke bombs._____

14. Do not climb trees or anything else.____

15. We do not allow you to remove the co2 tanks from our rental guns. _____

Paintball guns are not toys. Unsafe handling can cause permanent disability or death.
You have an obligation to yourself and those around you to obey all of the above rules,
posted or spoken.__________

I have read and understand all rules and understand that any violation will result in
immediate dismissal from game and property and possible legal action.__________

(Please print legibly)

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